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When your character dies, you are reincarnated back at the Altar of the Temple
of Midgaard.  Your corpse is left behind in the room WHERE you were killed,
together with all of your equipment.

Any spells which were affecting you are canceled by death.

Following and groups are not affected by death.

You lose EXPERIENCE points for dying.  The amount you lose is two-thirds of 
the way back to the beginning of your level.

Corpses decay after time, and the objects inside corpses decay with them.
Player corpses last *roughly* 30 hours of game TIME (15 minutes of real time).
Only the player WHO died, or someone in the same group, can retrieve objects
from a player's corpse.

Syntax: DRINK <object>
Syntax: EAT   <object>
Syntax: FILL  <object>
Syntax: POUR  <object> out
Syntax: POUR  <object> <object>
Syntax: POUR  <object> <character>

When you are thirsty, DRINK something.

When you are hungry, EAT something.

FILL fills a DRINK container with water.

POUR transfers a liquid to a container, or empties one.
You can also POUR from an object into something a character is holding.
Syntax: at <location> <command>

At executes the given command (which may have arguments) at the given
location.  The location may be specified as a vnum, as the name of
a mobile, or as the name of an object.

At works by temporarily moving you to that location, executing the
command, and then moving you back (if the command didn't change your
Syntax: STAT <name>
 STAT mob  <name>
 STAT obj  <name>
 STAT room <number>

The STAT command gives you detailed information on an object, mobile, or room
within the game.  Without a class argument, the command will RETURN a object
(if found), a mobile (if no object exists, but a mobile does), or a room 
(if a number is  given).  STAT room with no argument stats the room you are
standing in.  STAT can be used to find room vnums for goto.
(see also goto, transfer)
Syntax: CAST 'control weather' better
Syntax: CAST 'control weather' worse

This spell makes the weather either better or worse.
Syntax: CAST 'create food'

This spell creates a Magic Mushroom, which you or anyone else can eat.
Syntax: CAST 'create spring'

This spell brings forth a magical spring from the ground, which has the
same properties as a fountain.
Syntax: CAST 'create water' <drink-container>

This spell replenishes a DRINK container with water.
Syntax: CAST 'dispel magic' <character>
        CAST 'cancellation' <characte>
Both of these spells REMOVE magical effects from the target.  Dispel magic
has a reduced chance of working, and is considering an attack spell.
CANCELLATION can only be used on allies, but is much more effective and does
not provoke attack.  Unfortunately, the spells do not discriminate between
harmful and benign spells.
The chance of dispelling is based on the LEVEL of the spell. Permanent spells
(such as mobile sanctuary) are much harder to remove.  Not all spells may
be dispelled, notable examples are POISON and plague.
Syntax: CAST 'locate object' <name>

This spell reveals the location of all objects with the given name.
Syntax: CAST VENTRILOQUATE <speaker> <message>

This spell throws your voice, making it appear that some other object or
character in the room is saying your message.  Victims WHO make their saving
throw will know that someone is using ventriloquism, but not who.  Victims who
fail their saving throw will think that the object or character really did say
your message.
Syntax: CAST 'acid breath'      <victim>
Syntax: CAST 'fire breath'      <victim>
Syntax: CAST 'frost breath'     <victim>
Syntax: CAST 'gas breath'
Syntax: CAST 'lightning breath' <victim>

These spells are for the use of dragons.  Acid, fire, frost, and lightning
damage one victim, whereas gas damages every PC in the room.  Fire and
frost can break objects, and acid can damage armor.

High LEVEL mages may learn and CAST these spells as well.