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OLC Guide
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The NOTES on ROM replace the bulletin boards and mail systems found on many
other mud.  The following options are usable:

reading notes:
NOTE list	: show all NOTES  UNREAD NOTES are marked with an N)
NOTE read	: either by number, or read next to read UNREAD notes
NOTE remove	: removes a NOTE that you wrote or are the target of
NOTE catchup	: markes all NOTES as read

writing new notes:
NOTE to		: sets the to line (playername, clanname, immortal, or all)
NOTE subject	: sets the subject for a new note
NOTE +		: adds a line to a new NOTE (i.e. NOTE + hi guys!)
NOTE -		: REMOVE a line from a NOTE in progress
NOTE clear	: erase a NOTE in progress
NOTE show	: shows the NOTE you are working on
NOTE post	: posts a new note. This MUST be done to post a note.

When you LOG in, you will be informed if there are UNREAD NOTES waiting. Type
NOTE read to SCROLL through them one at a time.

Four other NOTE directories exist, these are ideas, news, changes, and 
penalties (gods only).  They are used the exact same way, for example
IDEA read 5 will read IDEA #5.  Posting to the NEWS and CHANGES boards is
restricted. The 'unread' command can be used to show your UNREAD NOTES on
all the NOTE spools.
Syntax: NOCHANNEL <character>
 NOEMOTE   <character>
 NOSHOUT   <character>
 NOTELL    <character>

Noemote, noshout, and NOTELL are used to muffle other characters, by
preventing them from emoting, shouting, and telling, respectively.
Characters WHO are noshout'ed or no'telled will also not receive those
forms of communication.

The NOCHANNEL command is similar, but more drastic. It prevents the victim
from using any of the channels (gossip, cgossip, Q/A, music) on the game.
Nochannels usually result from swearing or spamming on public channels.