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The NOTES on ROM replace the bulletin boards and mail systems found on many
other mud.  The following options are usable:

reading notes:
NOTE list	: show all NOTES  UNREAD NOTES are marked with an N)
NOTE read	: either by number, or read next to read UNREAD notes
NOTE remove	: removes a NOTE that you wrote or are the target of
NOTE catchup	: markes all NOTES as read

writing new notes:
NOTE to		: sets the to line (playername, clanname, immortal, or all)
NOTE subject	: sets the subject for a new note
NOTE +		: adds a line to a new NOTE (i.e. NOTE + hi guys!)
NOTE -		: REMOVE a line from a NOTE in progress
NOTE clear	: erase a NOTE in progress
NOTE show	: shows the NOTE you are working on
NOTE post	: posts a new note. This MUST be done to post a note.

When you LOG in, you will be informed if there are UNREAD NOTES waiting. Type
NOTE read to SCROLL through them one at a time.

Four other NOTE directories exist, these are ideas, news, changes, and 
penalties (gods only).  They are used the exact same way, for example
IDEA read 5 will read IDEA #5.  Posting to the NEWS and CHANGES boards is
restricted. The 'unread' command can be used to show your UNREAD NOTES on
all the NOTE spools.