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Syntax: GTELL <message>
Syntax: SAY   <message>
Syntax: TELL  <character> <message>

All of these COMMANDS send messages to other players.  GTELL sends a message to
all of the characters in your group, wherever they are, even if they are
sleeping or stunned or dying.  ';' is a synonym for GTELL.

SAY sends a message to all awake players in your room.  The single quote '''
is a synonym for SAY.

TELL sends a message to one awake player anywhere in the world.

REPLY sends a message to the last player WHO sent you a TELL.  REPLY will work
even if you can't see the player, and without revealing their identity.  This
is handy for talking to invisible or switched immortal players.
Syntax: NOCHANNEL <character>
 NOEMOTE   <character>
 NOSHOUT   <character>
 NOTELL    <character>

Noemote, noshout, and NOTELL are used to muffle other characters, by
preventing them from emoting, shouting, and telling, respectively.
Characters WHO are noshout'ed or no'telled will also not receive those
forms of communication.

The NOCHANNEL command is similar, but more drastic. It prevents the victim
from using any of the channels (gossip, cgossip, Q/A, music) on the game.
Nochannels usually result from swearing or spamming on public channels.